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Reflections from Jurek Talents UK

Jurek Talents new UK Country Manager, Krishna Patel, has now had time to reflect on his first months of work. We asked him a few questions about his impressions and experiences so far.


What is the overall feeling or reaction when talking to clients or candidates about Brexit? Is there a general concern when discussing Brexit?

I think there is a lot of uncertainty and no one really knows what is going on. There is some concern as you can imagine around both candidates and clients as people are a lot more aware of the situation. That’s why our advice is much appreciated right now.


How are people reacting to new information about Brexit?

Most people are taking it in their stride and just trying to plan as best as possible. There have been some commercials on tv about “how to prepare for Brexit” but they are very basic and don’t really give you much information. As a Brit, we don’t really pay that much attention. However, when meeting candidates and clients from overseas that are based here in the UK, there are bigger worries on how this will all plan out.


How does Brexit affect work mobility?

As of now it’s not really affecting anything. We have to wait in terms of what will actually happen. However, a lot of Swedes are contacting me as they have started to plan their return to Scandinavia.


Does Brexit affect the work climate?

Things have slowed down a little, but again I think businesses and people are just being cautious.


What is the advantage with Jurek Talents being on site in London?

The greatest advantage is that we can service our strong client and candidate base a lot better being based in London. We can also run a more effective offering for our tech/start up clients that are looking for an onsite service. Also, we act as a source of information for our Nordic candidates and clients on Brexit and opportunities back home. We will be publishing a lot more content to help with this as well.


Thank you Krishna!


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